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Welcome to Weremoose's Morph Page. Here you will find some morphs that Weremoose (and a few others) made.


I got eight new morphs! I have two Ninja Turtle morphs, one of Rocksteady, one of Pete, one of Roddy from Flushed Away. There's one I used for a Christmas greeting. There's also one of me becoming a tetramand like Four Arms from Ben 10. Last but not least, there's one which is what happened when I tried the Shrek cereal.
I got eight new morphs! This time I have a morph of me becoming the Thing (from Fantastic Four.) There's two of me becoming Pluto. Then from World of Warcraft, there's me becoming an Orc, a Tauren, and a Troll. There is also me becoming a stone gargoyle. And finally, there's a morph of JayWolf into the Beast. He and I both worked on that one.
After the long wait, there are eight new morphs! There are morphs of a Myr, Goofy, Djali (a goat,) an Eggplant, Pete, and Orc, Timon, and a Pandaren in the Pics section. I also changed the layout of the Pics section along with getting rid of some of the older pictures.
Six new morphs. Well, they're not really new, but they're new to the site! There are morphs of Bowser, Yoshi, Sulley, and Beast in the Pics section. There's an animated gif of a Sasquatch morph in the Animation section.
I moved the site to weremoose.com. I have a few morphs to upload. I'll get around to doing those eventually.
I added a few new morphs in the Pics section. There's a beaver, a Bothan, a Gamorrean, and a lion morph.
Yet another small update. There are two new images in the Pics section. A WereRoo and a WereStitch.
Not a big update, but there's four new images in the Pics section. Two meerkat and two Sulley pics.
Yet another long time since an update, and this time there's nothing really new. I have a few things in the works, so hopefully there will be an update soon. This one is mostly to remove all the broken links. Apparently, all my avi and zip files were removed from the system. I was thinking about trimming things down a bit anyway, so this helped a lot. There's only one animation I'm leaving up, and that's because it's not really residing on this server. (It's the short "movie" with the Sulley morph.)
I added two new Sulley animations. One is actually a short movie.
Wow! This has been a long time. I added a few new three new images and four animations.
Yet another long time between updates. This time I have a tiger animation and an image of another Mushu morph.
I know it's been a long time since an update, but I have a few. There's a moose and a sea lion under Images, and there's a sea lion AVI and another version of the eye animated gif under Animations.
Added another morph of my hand and Godzilla's claw in the Pics and Animations sections.
Added the Mushu morph, and the quotes that I'm saying as I'm becoming more like Timon.



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