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This is a collection of single frame morphs.

Turtle Flex Lance becoming Donatello Rhinoized Lance becoming Pete, again Flushed Holiday Spirit Tetramanded Shrek Cereal

Workout to become the Thing

Cat and Dog

Pluto Hat Join the Horde!  Be an Orc! Tauren Dancing Be da Troll, mon! Gargoyle The Beast Becomes Him

Myr Maker

Gawrsh!  I'm Goofy!

WereGoat Eggplant! Lance becoming Pete Lance the Orc Meerkatted Lance the Pandaren
Bowser Mission Monster Fright WereBeast in a Room WereYoshi Yoshi Shoes WereBeaver WereBothan WereGamorrean
WereLion WereStitch WereRoo WereMeerkat Meerkat Ring WereSulley Sulley Suit Goatee
polarbear WereSulley Mushu Sea Lion Weremoose Godzilla's
Claw Mushu Zebra
Wicket Kangaroo Lai Yee Yun Ronto Stegosaurus Eeyore
Weremoose Seal! Faces Wiggy LanceWolf