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Welcome to my home page. I am getting more stuff! I have more pictures, and I'm still working on some animations. If you want some links then go to Lance's page. (He has this Weremoose thing on his page. I think he's jealous of my antlers.)

I am Wiggy the Wigamalefis. If you are wondering what a wigamalefis is, I am one. My real name isn't Wiggy. Humans aren't capable of pronouncing my name correctly. If I had to write it out it would be something like this: Jqinb. No, that's not it. It would be like this: Huwpcg. No, I can't write it out either. Just call me Wiggy.

Check out the Transformation Page. It has links to transformation stories.

My Photo Album has improved! There are some pictures from a hike not near the Buffalo River and Spring Break Skiing pictures. Check 'em out! The miscellaneous pictures section contains some photos of me doing odd things.

Here's some screen shots of the newest movie that Lance made. The Rip-ire Strikes Buch. There are AVIs on it now!!!!

See some screen shots of THE RENIX. It is a movie Lance made in in 1994. I had a starring role. It is shown on CAT 8 (Community Access Television) in Fayetteville, AR every now and then.

Here's some shots of Lance's new movie. (just some of the computer generated parts) Check it out!

Take a look at The Costume Page has some of the costumes Lance has made. There is also a page on the construction of Tanarax the Minotaur.


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